Custom Sewing

LOWY custom sews tie-downs as well as many other soft goods. All items are industrially sewn to your specifications using high-strength bonded nylon thread, and high-quality hardware and webbing.

Most orders are shipped within seven days. We also design sewn products and manufacturer prototypes for your application. All products and designs are confidential. Bag Straps, Battery Slings, Pet Collars & Leashes, Material Handling Straps, Cargo Slings, Toe-Straps, and Belts are just some of the items we regularly sew.

Final prices per unit may vary due to the actual amount of webbing used, total length of item & color of webbing. Sewing prices may also vary due to the complexity of job. All sewn products made by LOWY are invoiced by individual component with a separate line item charge for Sewing.

Please call for quotes on prices and availability.

Call: (310)-763-1111 or (866)-772-5159